What tiling repairs can we carry out?




Reliable roof tile care for your peace of mind

A properly installed tiled roof can last for decades, adding beauty and weather resistance to your home.

However, even the most durable tiles can experience wear and tear over time, or become damaged by circumstances outside of your control like adverse weather.

If you suspect that your tiled roof needs attention then time is of the essence – Addressing even minor issues promptly can prevent them from escalating into more costly repairs or more serious damage down the line.

Don't wait for small leaks to turn into big problems.

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broken roof tiles being repaired

What kind of tiling repairs can we carry out?

 Replacing cracked or broken tiles 

Tiles can develop cracks or even break completely due to weather exposure, impacts from falling debris or simple age. Our roofers in Glossop can expertly remove damaged tiles and replace these with exact matches (whenever possible) for a finish that is as seamless as it is waterproof.

 Repositioning slipped tiles 

Strongs winds or loose mortar can cause tiles to shift out of place. A Edwards Roofing can carefully reposition slipped tiles and secure them in place with the appropriate fixings, restoring your roof's integrity and preventing further movements.

moss growth being cleaned off of roof tiles


 Repair leaks around angles 

Ridges and valleys in your roof are particularly vulnerable to water infiltration due to their angled nature. Our roofers in Glossop can identify the source of the leak and carry out targeted repairs such as resealing or replacing ridge tiles, valley flashing or the surrounding mortar.

 Tackling moss and lichen growth 

While not directly damaging to tiles, moss and lichen growth can trap moisture and create problems down the line. A Edwards Roofing can carefully remove moss buildup and apply preventative treatments to discourage its return.