What are the benefits of flat roofs?




Affordable, contemporary and clean

Flat roofs, also known as low-stone roofs, offer a clean and contemporary aesthetic ideal for modern and minimalistic architectural styles.

While the common design includes a slight incline to allow for water drainage, flat roofs can be constructed in a wide range of materials tailored to your specific climate and budget. From classic EPDM roofing options to modern green roofing options, A Edwards Roofing is here to assist.

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What are the benefits of flat roofs?


Flat roofs typically require less material and a simplified installation process when compared with traditional pitched roofs, saving you time and money in the initial construction phase.

 Exceptional Durability 

Each of the roofing options we offer have been selected for their high-performance construction and durability, withstanding even the harshest weather conditions.

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 Usable Roof Space 

The flat surface of these roofs creates a unique opportunity for additional usable space. This can be utilised as a rooftop deck, a green roof for environmental areas or additional recreational space.

 Solar Options 

Alternatively, flat roofing can provide a perfect platform for installing a whole network of solar panels as unobstructed surface area allows for optimal sunlight exposure and the maximised efficiency of solar energy systems.



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