What flat roof repairs can we carry out?




Keeping your flat roof safe from the elements

A flat roof offers a unique aesthetic and a great way to maximise usable space, whether installed on a home for a contemporary aesthetic or as the finishing touch to an extension or garage.

However, like any roof, proper maintenance and repairs are required to prevent leaks and water ingresses into your property. With flat roofs in particular, water can quickly spread from the roof to ceilings, walls and insulation of your property – Early intervention can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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rainwater on flat roof after rain is result of drainage problem

What kind of flat roof repairs can we carry out?

 Leak Repairs 

Leaks are by far the most common issue with flat roofs. Our team will pinpoint the exact source of the leak, whether it's a faulty seam, damaged flashing or a puncture, and implement the necessary repairs to prevent further water ingress.

 Membrane Patching 

Flat roof membranes can develop cracks over time, given enough general wear-and-tear. A Edwards Roofing can effectively patch these damaged areas using high-quality materials to restore the waterproofing integrity of your roof.

cooling on a flat roof


 Drainage System Maintenance 

While most are constructed with a slight incline to allow for water flow, additional water drainage systems like drains and outlets are crucial to prevent pooling. To that end our roofers in Glossop can clean clogged drains, repair faulty outlets and ensure your drainage performs year-round.

 Flashing Repair 

Flashing plays a crucial role in waterproofing roof protrusions like vents and chimneys. We can keep these high-risk areas free of leaks and fully waterproofed by repairing or replacing damaged flashing.



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